A Trance Kid’s Farewell for Now


We’ve had a few people write-in on Facebook why we stopped coverage. I’m hoping to address those questions about why here.

First thing I want to note is I (TK) have a job – a job that pays. Writing for Trance Kids was fun, learning about the community meeting great people and sharing the experiences with you, our readers. I have never been compensated for anything I’ve written about or featured on the site. As far as I know the premise of the blog was to be an underground perspective of an industry without any biases. That said, here’s what happened.

Two things really set me back from doing further coverage. The first was with Macarize Records – a Swedish record label with decent talent. I emailed asking why our team was no longer receiving promos. Answer: we didn’t post enough promotional material. That said, I can get over the fact that someone wants to remove us from their promos – whatever. But the fact of the matter is we don’t get paid to post your material. If your material is worth posting, then we’ll post it.

Second thing that really just pissed me off was covering a Maor Levi show here in New York City for Anjunabeats. One of Maor’s groupies chastised saying: “What’s it like taking pictures of those actually doing something? You’re just a photographer taking pictures of events that took place”. That groupie’s comment was one of final straws. Call me sensitive, call me whatever – but the site was about the community not the DJ.

Working a more or less underground music scene music blog has been a lot of fun, but a lot of time. But put simply: I don’t need this blog. Trance Kids was a social experiment to share music with others that may not have otherwise found that music. At the end of the day, I have a job that pays me for my work, enough to give me time to write about music.

The community is different now, the music is different, people have changed and the soul behind the industry feels more vacant than ever. That said, thanks to you that actually care and did care about the scene. Here’s a nod to you guys that were around before the days of cash-grabbing DJs who think they can push play better than the other.

Cheers to you Trance Kids.

Signing off,

– TK

PS. Thanks Complex for stealing our images. Diks.