“Kuaga” & “Noon Gun” – Pierce Fulton

pierce-fulton-kuaga-noon-gun-album-TranceKids.com 2Pierce Fulton – “Kuaga” – BUY


Pierce Fulton – “Noon Gun” – BUY

Noon Gun (Original Mix)

Brooklyn’s Pierce Fulton has been teasing all of our ears for the past month with two new releases called “Kuaga” and “Noon Gun“. Both tracks have seen massive support from online radio shows and there’s a reason why – Pierce is crushing right now. Signed to Cr2 – the first track “Kuaga” is already seeing tons of festival love across the globe. Meaning “Say Goodbye” in Swahili, “Kuaga” is somewhat reminiscent of Otto Knows – boasting a catchy and yet melodic tempo. The second track “Noon Gun” happens to be our favorite, featuring a rolling bassline and the use of quick synths. Definitely,  do not let this sleeper of track go by. We’re big fans of Pierce here at TranceKids, check out a few shots from his show just a few weeks ago at Slake in NYC.